Our Team of Riders

Pure Wood Pellets are proud to support and sponsor our team of riders. They compete at some of the highest levels in the UK and internationally representing their country. They have each made careful considerations on their stables, feed and bedding and we are happy to have won loyal supporters who demand the highest quality Pure Wood Pellets during competition and at home in the yard.

Tamsin Addison

Para equestrian dressage rider and Irish Squad member. Having beaten bone cancer at the age of 21 and become the first person in the world to re grow the humerus bone in her upper arm she is now focused on beating the competition.

We switched from shavings to wood pellets to accommodate the high cleanliness required for our rehabilitation horses and to meet the need for a cost effective, comfortable and clean bedding for our National and International competition horses. After extensive trials, Pure Wood pellets clearly provided the most absorbent, hygienic and aesthetically pleasing product on the market. Not only have Pure Wood Pellets saved us time and money but our clients have been delighted with how well they work as a bedding for their horses.

Lauren Russell

Lauren is an Amateur Dressage Rider progressing up the levels with her young KWPN horse Fantastic.

"I wanted to move over to Wood Pellets as I needed a bedding that was quick and easy to use and more cost effective than shavings."

"Pure Wood Pellets are so easy to use, the pellets stay white even at a week later and the horses have a comfortable dust free bed."

Michelle West

Michelle is an amateur dressage rider trying to progress in the competition world with her welsh cob Brevan.

I've been using wood pellet bedding from Pure Wood Pellets for over ten months now. In the past I've tried almost every type of bedding going, from straw, shavings, hemp and rapeseed. I've always been looking for something that is both economical to buy and easy to muck out. Pure Wood Pellets tick all the boxes for me, as I only use one bag a week during the summer and two bags a week during the winter normally. Working shifts, I don't always have much time to get all my jobs done at the yard, and ride and get to work on time. So I love this bedding, it takes me maybe ten minutes maximum to skip out and tidy the bed every day, with a full muck out once a week on my day off. With all that, I still only take out one barrow load when I do a full muck out, which saves me time and trips to the muck heap. I wouldn't change to a different bedding again now.