Wood Pellets for Biomass

Wood Pellets are a sustainable renewable energy and one of the best options for the UK to meet their Renewable Energy target in 2020. Pure Wood Pellets are an exceptionally low ash, yet high calorific content wood pellet.

About our Wood Pellets

Recommended by all of the main pellet-boiler producers, and guaranteed for the majority of domestic and commercial boilers.
High calorific value pellets for long lasting value (≥ 18 MJ/kg; ≥ 5 kW/kg).
Low ash content (< 0.5%), Low moisture content (< 7%), reducing maintenance and prolonging the life of your boiler.
​​These pellets are the highest A1 Standard Premium Quality.

"We have been receiving wood pellets for over 4 years and this is the first time a driver has followed delivery instructions, kept me informed of his likely time of arrival and then off loaded the pellets with the minimum of fuss."

Why does colour matter if I am burning them?

Many customers may be right to conclude that the quality of the product is not important when they are only purchasing wood pellets to burn them. However the quality of the fuel is actually more important then finding a bargain.

Pure Wood Pellets whiteness signifies an extremely low ash content. Contaminants which turn wood pellets a darker colour are not just limited to bark, they can contain dirt and even sand. These undesirable contaminants, easily hidden within a darker pellet can cause.

Low Ash Content

  • Cleaner Burn
  • Higher Calorific Output
  • Extends the life of your boiler
  • Needs to empty ash less often

High Ash Content

  • Dirty Burn
  • Potentially Low Calorific Output
  • Can Block Boiler / Require Maintenance
  • Needs to empty ash more often

Technical Information

Parameters Methods As Received Basis
Moisture % EN 14774-2:2009 <7.0
Ash % EN 14775:2010 <0.5
Volatile Matter % CEN/TS 15148:2005 76
Total Sulphur % EN 15289:2011 0.01
Gross Cal Value kcal/kg EN 14918:2010 5065
Durability 99%
Particle Size <2.0mm wet EN 15149-2:2010 97.20%

How we make our pellets

Please play our short video showing how we make our pellets and select our raw materials for your Biomass boiler or pellet stove.


    Delivery & Availability

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