About us

We are a family owned and run business, and our single aim is to have the best wood pellets and horse bedding in the United Kingdom.

We sourced our own wood pellets by visiting the wood production sites which are committed to using sustainable forestry practices and only using extremely high quality virgin pure wood raw material.

We take a strong line on the raw material that goes inside our pellets. We only use virgin white wood, it must be debarked, dried, dehydrated, in order to enter our facility. From then on we work our magic to create the fluffiest, whitest pellets for you!

​If you are using pellets but they are cappuccino, brown, black then you just are not using the best. The pellets we sell are white wood pellets, unlike any other available, and if we are unable to guarantee that then we will not sell an inferior product.

Our focus on quality extends all throughout our company. We're able to offer personal customer service, if you call us, we'll pick up and do our best to secure your business.

We're here to deliver unbeatable value for money and customer service that brings you back again to reorder time and time again.

You can reach us at any time through info@purewoodpellets.co.uk or on 0800 433 7037.

​- Boris & Rupert, Pure Wood Pellets Owners

What makes a good
wood pellet?

Undoubtably the raw materials used to make your wood pellets are the single most important aspect in the quality of the finished product. That's why we source ours from beautiful white pine shavings donated to us by a nearby furniture factory.

We ensure that all material from source to final product is kept in clean and sterile condition. While many producers would leave raw material on the ground, in the mud and exposed to the elements we store them inside on concrete, away from any contaminants.

Finally during packaging we are screening fines and performing a double dust extraction process. so they arrive to you in top condition. Whatever you use your Pure Wood Pellets for, we can assure you they are the premier quality wood pellet in the nation.

Responsibly sourced

Pure Wood Pellets are made from by-products of the forest industry.
No new trees were harmed during the production of this product.