Food Grade Wood Pellets

Our Food Grade Wood Pellets are a popular fuel for BBQ smoking and for Wood Pellet Ovens.

Cooking with Pure Wood Pellets

We have exceptionally clean burning wood pellets. 100% sterile and food safe they are the perfect way to cook and BBQ your food.

Our Pellets have:

  • High calorific value pellets for long lasting value (≥ 18 MJ/kg; ≥ 5 kW/kg).
  • Low ash content (< 0.5%), Low moisture content (< 7%), reducing maintenance and prolonging the life of your boiler.
  • These pellets are the highest European standard Premium Quality.

    Delivery & Availability

    We have free delivery to any mainland UK Postcode. Delivery is normally 3 Business Days but please check the product page for further details.



    All prices include VAT and Standard UK delivery (surcharges may apply). If you are purchasing as a business please use the 20% VAT.