Wood Pellets for Cat Litter

Wood Pellets can make a great replacement for regular cat litter, and have many advantages over the traditional clay stuff.

What are the benefits?

  • Wood Pellets are compressed natural wood and are a highly absorbent sponge when in contact with any liquids.
  • The absorbent pine material controls urine and ammonia odors - the main cause of litter box smells - with a pleasant pine scent.
  • ​Healthier for your pet, you and your home. It’s 100% organic. That’s clay-free (no harmful silica particles), dust-free, fragrance-free and toxin-free.
  • ​A bigger-picture benefit is that pine pellet cat litter is environmentally friendly, with all wood sourced from responsibly managed and sustainable forestry. It is completely 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment. They can enjoy a second life being used as compost in your garden or pot plants.

"Having over the last 20 years tried a whole range of different cat litters, I much prefer wood pellets. They don’t track on the cats paws and the pine smell is quite pleasant."

Cat Litter Absorbency Test (Video)

Please play our short video showing a demonstration of how our wood pellets are activated upon contact with liquids of any kind.

Why Pure Wood Pellets?

  • There's a range of pellets on the market today to choose from, not only pine pellets but there are straw, rice, oak. It's confusing and doesn't help that many of them can look the same at a glance.
  • Our pellets are Pine Wood Pellets, known for their fresh natural pine smell.
  • They are also white wood pellets, coming from the higher quality interior of the tree. We source our wood from the shavings and sawdust of a local furniture factory when they are turning their wood into furniture.
  • We are a premium pellet, with the pellet line certified under the highest European standards and operate strict quality control.
  • We are reliable, have consistent supply and we are always happy to help. Just give us a try 0800 4337 037.

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